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Episode 77 - Pinpoint Wilmington Chefs Dean Neff & Lydia Clopton

Walk up the down staircase a few times in your life. Going in the opposite direction will give you perspective and give you insight into the minds of Dean Neff and Lydia Clopton. Dean and Lydia’s journey took them from Athens, GA to Atlanta through Asheville, NC to finally settle on the coast in Wilmington, NC.

Some Chef’s come in with pre-conceived notions of what a restaurant in going to be but not Dean and Lydia, they let the place and space dictate the menu. Some might say they listened to the waves. Pinpoint takes fresh and local ingredients and turns them into sophisticated yet crowd pleasing food. We learn how local catfish can be elevated into an ethereal dish and how roasted dandelion root can turn into delicious ice cream.

Dean Neff learned from the best such as Hugh Acheson and Jonathan Fleer, after fifteen plus years of world class tutelage Dean was ready for his own restaurant. With Lydia Clopton providing desserts to equal Dean’s savory menu a gem of a restaurant was born right near the water in downtown Wilmington, NC.

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