EPISODE 1 - Hai Tran, former wine director of The Umstead Hotel & Spa

A North Carolina podcast discussing the food & beverage industry from two industry professionals, Max Trujillo & Matthew Weiss. In this episode, we chat with former Umstead Hotel/Herons Restaurant Beverage Director, Hai Tran. Hai discusses his start in the industry, how he became a sommelier and how his Duke basketball career didn't quite pan out.

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Links to what Hai Tran @sommsayhai mentioned:

www.rittenhousehotel.com @TheRittenhouse

www.theumstead.com @The_Umstead

www.jonesvondrehle.com @JonesvonDrehle

www.rhubarbasheville.com @RhubarbAVL

sanctuaryvineyards.com @SanctuaryVine

theparlour.co @parlourdurham

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