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Episode 116 - Aspiring chefs, listen up to Thomas Card of the 21c Hotel

This is a great show for those who want to be chefs! We hear what it's like to learn from and cook with Chef's Scott Crawford and Colin Bedford. Plus, we get the details on how to rock a cook test (an interview for a chef where he or she prepares food for those hiring) for an aspiring job, so all you aspiring EC's listen up!

Chef Thomas Card has worked his way up the ranks through some of the best dining establishment in the Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill area and now he's running his own kitchen at the 21C hotel. Thomas likes the challenge of creating food for multiple menu's and revenue centers. We also get into how you elevate a "hotel restaurant" into something that is a beacon of the Durham culinary community.

To top it off we get top tips on French Fries technique, how to make the ultimate bread pudding, and find out what's the deal with the pink penguin!

Plus, we speak with Chefs Bud Taylor & Regan Stachler about the aftermath of Hurricane Florence and the multiple popup dinners planned by ChickenWire to support the relief. Click HERE for more information.

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