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Episode 110 - Country to Cosmopolitan, downtown Cary, NC (Postmaster Restaurant)

Tyler Watt and Chris Lopez are crushing it in downtown Cary, North Carolina. Tyler (Owner) and Chris (Chef) opened Postmaster Restaurant and Bar in November of 2017, by doing so they essentially have linked the Triangle by taking slices out of downtown Raleigh and downtown Durham and placing them in downtown Cary. Postmasters is providing food, beverage and service to a level of quality and hipness that Cary has never seen.

Listen to this episode and find out how and why a sleepy little suburb can turn into a culinary destination. Within a few blocks you have La Farm Bakery, Chatham Street Wine Market, Sidebar, Bond Brothers Brewery, Pizzeria Faulisi and of course Postmasters. Go to Cary, seriously.

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