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Entrepreneurs Extraordinaire Durham Distillery

Featured Guests: Lee and Melissa Katrincic

F&B People and establishments mentioned on the show:

Koval Distlillery, Chicago, Il- Where Melissa and Lee took an intensive course on building to learn how to build a distillery

Big Gin, Seattle, WA- Influencers and helpers to the Katrincic's

Gin Foundry & Junipolooza-Durham Distillery has been asked to attend!

David Smith- Gin Expert

Everything else mentioned in the show:

The story of Navy Strength Gin-Officers of the British Navy were paid a portion of their wage in gin (lucky devils). Alcohol on board Naval ships was decreed to be a minimum of 57.7% ABV to ensure gunpowder stocks stayed flammable if contaminated by any leaky gin barrels. Never ones to be short changed, sailors would light a small amount of gin-soaked gunpowder, therefore obtaining ‘proof’ their ration had not been watered down by a scrimping Navy.

Cocktails and Cosmonauts- The event at the Durham museum

Cucumber Vodka and Barrel Rested Gin- upcoming from Durham Distillery

Tom Collins- Classic gin cocktail

Vacumn Distillation- Lee's method

Ezra's.Com- where you can buy the gin online here

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