"Goodism" - Chef Frank Fronda & Charlie Candelas

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Featured Guests: Frank Fronda & Charlie Candelas

Food & Bev things, people and places mentioned on the show:

  • Ben Philpott- Former guest on the NC F&P & a Fronda disciple

  • Jason Cline- A Fronda disciple

  • FireFin Poke

  • Ahi means Fire

  • Poke=To cut

  • Chirashi- the inspiration that created Poke

  • Scott Liebfried- was Frank Fronda & Gordon Ramsay’s Sous chef

  • Baby Artichokes- What Frank had to clean, day 1 in a kitchen

  • Francis Mallmann

  • Chilean Sea Bass

  • Big Eye Tuna- FireFin sources this type of Tuna, deep swimming fish.

  • Napa Valley Grille- Where Chef Frank got his first EC gig

  • Laurie Pesce- who Max calls "The Fish"

  • Zonin- winery that made an exclusive CUVÉE Olive Garden

  • 60/40 cocktail- 60% Green Chartreuse/ 40% Yellow Chartreuse and thats it


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