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Episode 39 -"The Cocktail Enhancer," Craig Rudewicz of Crude Bitters with

Featured Guest: Craig Rudewicz

Foods & Bev people, places & things

Blue Print - a resource for Craig as he was getting his biz off the ground

Angostura Bitters- i(The original Bitters) s a concentrated bitters, or botanically infused alcoholic mixture, made of water, 44.7% ethanol, gentian, herbs and spices,[1] by House of Angostura in Trinidad and Tobago. It is typically used for flavouring beverages or (less often) food. The bitters were first produced in the town of Angostura (Ciudad Bolívar, Venezuela) (hence the name), but do not contain angostura bark. The bottle is easily recognisable by its distinctive oversized label.

Peychaud Bitters- The other forefather of cocktail bitters

Gentian Root - is a bitter herb that comes from yellow gentian plants, or Gentiana lutea. This European native produces wrinkled, light to dark brown roots commonly used to make health supplements.

Tincture - one method of making multi flavored bitters is to take flavors that are macerating (aka tinctures) and then blend them- this is not how Crude does it though

Western Wake Farmers Market- where Craig went to peddle his wares

LambStock- where Max used Craig’s bitters and Topo’s spirits to get people all boozed up

Good Food Awards- The game changer for Craig when he won for the “Rizzo” in 2015 & "Apothecary" #15 Spruce & Birch bitters in 2017

Thai Basil- the bitters he used to craft a delicious cocktail with Durham Distilleries Cucumber Vodka

Southern Living Magazine Award - where Crude won for the Lindsay

Trey Waters- owner of Person Street Pharmacy where you can get Crude’s sodas Soda Jerk Fountain

Bittersweet- Kim Hammer's place which is using the big bear bitters in the coffee

Trade & Loire- Asheville shop that was one of the first to use Crude

Boston Shaker- great store up in Boston, MA for bar stuff

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