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Episode 41 - Raleigh Raw's Sherif Fouad & Leslie Woods

Episode 41 - Raleigh Raw’s Sherif Fouad & Leslie Woods

Go to Raleigh Raw to check out their menu and locations.

We interview the cold-pressed juice-heads of Raleigh Raw and get straight to why drinking their juice is not only delicious & beneficial to your health, but also how important the business was for Sherif Fouad’s life. Leaving a destructive lifestyle behind him, Sherif and Leslie Woods created their own business through help from other entrepreneurs, such as G. Patel, and struggled to make it succeed.

Raleigh Raw is about to open their 2nd location and is thriving in the heart of downtown Raleigh.

This episode sponsored by Photography, Social Media Management and web-designers: Food-Seen


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