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Episode 43 - The Wizard of the Ritz - Bob Peters of The Punch Room

In today's episode, we took the show on the road down to Charlotte, NC to get a private drinking session with the Ritz-Carlton's 2015 Global Bartender of the Year, Bob Peters!

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Bob invited us to the Punch Room, a craft cocktail lounge on the 15th floor of Charlotte's Ritz-Carlton. Between the tour of the rooftop-garden, the magical punch bowl of drinks, the comfortable hospitality and the education on cocktails, we experienced pure bar nirvana. 

We hear tale of Bob's growth from dive bars to picking herbs over Charlotte's skyline for tonight's drink menu. Bob tastes us on the honey cultivated from the hotel's rooftop beehive. 

Bob gives us his best picks for places to dine and drink in CLT while serving us a few rounds of delicious cocktails. 

Give a listen and don't forget to download the CurEat App for free in iTunes!

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