Episode 48 - Live at the NCRLA EXPO 2017!

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Episode 48 - What it Takes to be an Entrepreneur | NCRLA Expo 2017 www.ncrla.org

We went LIVE at the 2017 NCRLA Expo in front of thousands (maybe 40) people. In the hour before the solar eclipse, we speak with 3 entrepreneurs from different walks of life but whom all share the drive to make their own way in the food & beverage industry.

Panelists include: • Felicia Perry-Trujillo of www.food-seen.com, (Professional Photography, Social Media Management & Website Design for the Food, Beverage and Table Ware industries of North Carolina.) • Kim Hammer of bittersweetraleigh.com, a cocktail, dessert & coffee lounge & raleighprovisions.com, a corner shop in the heart of Downtown Raleigh providing North Carolina specialty food, wine & beer. • And an entrepreneur changing lanes at the height of his success from a multi-restaurant hospitality group www.eschelonexperiences.com, to releasing his latest venture in the beverage industry, www.socialhousevodka.com - 2017 NCRLA Restaurateur of the Year, G. Patel.

We hope to speak to the young entrepreneur and inspire them to make a difference in our industry. Eat & drink merrily...