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Episode 55 - A Chef's Life Premiere Party Show with Vivian Howard

Episode 55 - A Chef's Life Premiere Party with Vivian Howard

Both Max & Matt ventured to Durham, NC to the 21c Hotel to host the After-Party Podcast with members from the Emmy Award Winning PBS Show, A Chef's Life.

Season 5 will premiere Oct. 5th but we have the behind-the-scenes conversation with Chef Vivian Howard, Farmer Warren Brothers, ex-Chef de Cuisines John May & Brian Kaderavek, Sous Chef/Food Truck Driver Casey Atwater and batting cleanup, Director/Creator Cynthia Hill.

The show is intriguing, entertaining and soulful. And their success is obvious because what makes it special are the lives of the people they follow.

A Chef's Life is about a chef, a farmer, a town and a community. Listen with us as we become temporary members of their lives.

If you're a fan of the show, this is an absolute must-listen.

This episode sponsored by Daughtry Consulting, & the Cureat App.

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