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Episode 66 - Quit your job & open up a brewery - Birdsong Brewery

Quit your job, open up a neighborhood brewery and completely geek out on beer! That’s what Tara and Chris Goulet ( did. If you accept this mission and are as smart and enthusiastic as Chris, you too within 5 years will have a 17,000 square foot facility and 30 barrel brewhouse to make any damn beer you please! Especially beers named after

Chris brews up all kinds of knowledge and thought on #craftbeer. Birdsong is based on a simple American Style Pale Ale and this strong base allows them to experiment with many other concoctions. The creativity of Birdsong created a cult following that literally has beer aficionados foaming at the mouth while waiting for the “Thirsty Thursday” ( release.

Our adventure in beer began in episode 44 with Bond brothers when we learned a lot scientifically about beer. With Birdsong we go further into the business side of a craft brewery. Whether it’s fresh cut jalepeno’s in the Jalepeno Pale ale ( or the considerate low water use of the brewery Birdsong has though of it all…so far.

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