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Episode 71 - Hallyburton Pottery

Creating with your hands is almost as sexy as that scene from Ghost with Demi Moore and Patrick Swayze. Who knew that local North Carolina clay, a stove on steroids (aka a kiln) and one brain researcher could be so damn cool?

I’ll tell you who did, TV’s John May and bad ass chef Mike Lee of M Sushi, M Koko and soon to be M Taco. Those two culinary titans recognized that the dinnerware of Matt Hallyburton could showcase their food in a fervently stylish but useful way that no other plates had done. John and Mike are not the only one’s to have recognized Matt’s talents, his lore has stretched south as he has caught the eye of chef Sean Brock and collaborated with him to create plate ware for the new Husk restaurant in Georgia.

Matt explains pottery from the digging of the clay to the firing of the glaze. In this episode you will learn about “throwing a piece,” temperature use on clay, North Carolina potting history and why some glazes are better than others. When you listen to this episode you will understand the importance of sexy but useable ceramic dinnerware!

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