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The Ladies of the Mofu Shoppe & The Pho Nomenal Food Truck #dumplings

Say yes, that is the motto that Sunny Lin lives by and how Sophia Woo gets her to join in on the Pho-King fun. These girls turned their lives upside down and literally took a wild ride in creating the Dump Pho (pronounced fuh) king food truck. Within a year of beginning the Vietnamese food truck they were approached by The Food Network to compete in The Great Food Truck Race television show. Despite almost crashing the truck and many other potential disasters, the newly named Pho-nomenal truck won the Competition. The winnings from the television show gave the ladies a small nest egg, Sophia had an idea, Sunny said yes and soon enough Mofu Shoppe opened in downtown Raleigh, NC. This episode takes you on a grand journey. You will learn how a biomedical engineer and a PWC accountant upheave their lives and follow their passion into the culinary realm. From food truck wars to battling the restaurant scene in downtown Raleigh, these ladies are warriors!

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