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Episode 76 - Want To Be Wealthy? Listen To Chef Ben Barker

Would you like to be wealthy?

Listen closely to Chef Ben Barker's wisdom and you will be rich with stories of humility, North Carolina history and family values. Chef Ben Barker is literally a living legend of NC, he has won the James Beard award for best chef in the Southeast and has been nominated six times. His restaurant Magnolia Grill was the epicenter of North Carolina Cuisine for decades.

The coolest part of Ben’s story goes beyond the man. Karen Barker, Ben’s wife is also a James Beard award winner for Outstanding Pastry Chef in 2003. On top of all their success, the Barkers are still in the game as they are intimately involved in their son Gabe’s restaurant Pizzeria Mercato.

Join us in Carrboro, NC where we sat down to chat with the Godfather of North Carolina fine dining.

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