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Ep 78 - Manna Wilmington & Billy Mellon

The future Mayor of Wilmington, North Carolina must be Billy Mellon. Billy is a driving force behind putting Wilmington on the culinary map. Manna is one of the culinary beacons of North Carolina, east of interstate 95. Thanks to his stick-to-itiveness, resiliency, innate sense of hospitality and his attention to detail, Manna is thriving.

In addition to building a restaurant, Billy shakes hands, kisses babies, finds up-and-coming musical acts and also directs the 40 Eats culinary collaborative. He literally does it all from helping to raise his son, curate the wine list, oh and now he’s writing a book.

Billy is not only the future mayor of Wilmington but he is also the angel feeding the people “Manna” from heaven. Fascinating does not even begin to describe Billy; you will have to listen for the whole story. On top of everything, we learn what Ronnie James Dio means and the origin of Devil Horns. When I tell you this episode has it all, believe me.

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