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Episode 79 - The Top Chef of the Coast, Keith Rhodes of Catch Wilmington

“Cheap seafood ain’t good & good seafood ain’t cheap!” - Keith Rhodes

Listen to the silky tones of the Steward of North Carolina Aquaculture aka our original fan, Top Chef contestant Keith Rhodes explain that statement. Chef Keith walks the walk and talks the talk. He literally eats, breathes and sleeps (in that order by the way) the North Carolina food culture. Rare is it to find such humility, passion and sincere zeal for others’ success, in such an accomplished chef.

Chef Keith Rhodes is a 3 time best chef Wilmington award winner and a James Beard Award nominee for best chef in the Southeast. Keith discuses the high level of work, dedication and focus it takes to be successful in the restaurant business. We delve into how a prospective chef should build their resume. We come to understand how the culinary culture has ethnically evolved in this country; thanks to television minorities can see chefs of the same ethnic background become successful in the culinary world, it becomes a “if you can see, I can be” mentality.

There are so many valuable lessons learned in this episode. Find chefs who go beyond cooking, their soul speaks to the community. Understand why it’s important to eat local and support your neighbors. Finally, answer the question, are we experiencing a turning point in North Carolina food culture different from anything before? Listen and learn!

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