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Episode 80 - Blake Gotliffe of Under the Oak Farm

Blake Gotliffe doesn’t stop. After he regained consciousness from a heroin overdose, only to find himself in his mother’s arms and alive, he regained control of his life. His near death experience was the catalyst for him to be able to juggle so many businesses and activities. Whether Blake is curing meat to end up at your next dinner party or perhaps on your sandwich order from Meats and Pickles, he doesn’t stop. Blake might be pickling vegetables picked from his own garden so that he can use that in a future Under the Oak Farms dish. It doesn’t end there as Blake might be helping his expecting wife Megan create a new icing for her I Do Cakes business or me might be reaching out to colleagues to help him out in a Roots For Reece charity dinner. At this juncture of the story you get the point, Blake Gotliffe is not only a tenacious worker but a talented and resourceful chef. Hear how darkness turns to light in this story of an addict revived!

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