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Episode 81 - Being a Female Business Owner in the F&B Industry. Coleen 'Speaks' about Hu

Learn how to plan your life. Coleen Speaks has it all mapped out. Coleen knew that she wanted to live in New Orleans after high school so she found a university in New Orleans that would accept her and fit her needs. She knew accounting would be a major part of running a business so she decided to major in it in college. While in college she strategically decided that working front of the house at NOLA for Emeril Lagasse would be more knowledge she could bank for her own future business.

After New Orleans, Coleen intentionally went to a city that was on the rise as a culinary destination. Not only did Coleen move to Raleigh but also when she got here she worked for none other then Ashley Christensen, waiting tables at the cutting edge Enoteca Vin. While working at Enoteca she also began her catering business, oh and by the way she was five months pregnant!

Mrs. Speaks is the ultimate juggler however it’s evident that when you love what you do, and you know where you want to go, you grow extra hands to juggle with. Coleen grew Posh Nosh catering from a small kitchen in her home to today where she has three businesses at the ultra-cool dock 1053 adjacent to downtown Raleigh. Three businesses aforementioned are Hummingbird Café, Posh Nosh Catering and the party venue for catering events Whitaker and Atlantic. Impressive would be an understatement in describing Coleen Speaks. I recommend that unless you are Kasparov; do not challenge this woman in chess!

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