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Episode 83 - How to Start Your Own Distillery. Raleigh's own: PineTop Distillery

Want to start your own distillery?

The first step is to resolve to make at least one bottle of liquor, that’s what the Pinetop Distillery team did. This is the story of how four neighbors with engineering backgrounds created a grain to glass distillery in Raleigh, NC.

In this episode Jon Keener and Grady Knight put the shine on Moonshine! They tell a classic story of, have you ever had one of those days at your job where you say to yourself “geez I wish I was doing something else?” We all have and the guys and gals behind Pinetop put “substance behind passion.” At first everything was handmade and operated until they used some science savvy to automate a few things. Jon, Grady and the rest of the team put pen to paper, hashed out logistics and maximized strengths of each individual to create a genuinely successful Raleigh distillery that is currently producing 750 bottles per month, of high craft grain to glass liquor booze.

This episode will give you insight into the science and the art of distilling. Additionally, you will get a sense of how to organize a business successfully with buddies. Finally, you will also get a couple of cool cocktail ideas, “sip” back and enjoy.

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