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Episode 84 - When you're not The Man anymore?

Chef Scott Howell and Sommelier Aubrey Zinaich-Howell

Of @NanasDurham share their story.

What do you do when you are not the man anymore? Chef Scott Howell had to learn the answer to that question after a 1,500lb grill fell on him and mangled his leg. Chef Scott is an 8 times James Beard Award semifinalist for best chef in America, Mr. Howell earned those nominations with elbow grease. This is not your typical story of how rockstar chefs work hard and get praise. More so, this is a tale of how a chef with all the gifts and determination to be a great chef discovers 3 absolutes:

  • He cannot work like he used to.

  • He must rely on his wife and team, trusting he put them in a position to succeed.

  • Discover new ways he can lead and still be effective.

In addition to the inner conflict of a great chef that’s been injured, here is the story of the dynamic women (Aubrey Zinaich-Howell) by his side. This story reads like a Shakespearian drama; we learn how a husband and wife can no longer be married yet continue as wonderful and caring partners in business. We hear how students are groomed and eventually become successful business owners and partners to the Howell’s. We even hear about the origins of Nana and how to properly make cornbread in a cast iron skillet.

The Howell’s story is inspirational and educational. You are very likely to shed a tear when you are listening to Scott realize his future, or how the Howell’s coordinated with Global Breath to provide free yoga to their entire staff. Nana’s restaurants continue even today to lead the way for the culinary movement of Durham, NC, this episode makes it clear as to how and why.

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