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Episode 87 - The Elite Barkeep - Shannon Healy of Alley 26 in Durham, NC

The elite barkeep is just one of Shannon Healy’s many monikers. Shannon is proud to be a barkeep but he is so much more. Mr. Healy helped put Durham on the map of the national culinary scene by creating one of the top cocktail bars in the triangle, in what was previously a deserted dark alley. Recently that cocktail bar Alley 26 has been expanded into one of the Triangle’s top restaurants garnering 4 stars from the Alley 26 review in the news and observer.

Shannon Healy knows so much about so many things. He was a somewhat successful musician and band leader before his career in hospitality. You can say that Shannon Healy is a certified authority on spirits, mixology, wines, hospitality oh and he can even read real estate documents. Finally, he makes a damn good cocktail, try it, on this week’s edition of the NC F&B.

We have some stuff going on...

March 22-25th - We will be at the OBX Taste to the Beach Festival

Sunday April 8th - We're slinging drinks with CHICKENWIRE + friends present Soup for Syria

Thursday, April 12th - We are behind the stick for Dames in the Kitchen: Celebrating Community & Food · Hosted by Les Dames NC

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