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Episode 88 - How to Grow Mushrooms with Amy Fox of Fox Farm & Forage

How to grow mushrooms. Fox Farm & Forage

If you are ever concerned about living in a post apocalyptic world or you just want to know lots about much, listen to Amy Fox of Fox Farm & Forage. Mrs. Fox has figured out how to turn a degree in nursing into becoming a mushroom farmer. Not only is Amy a mushroom farmer, she is the darling mushroom grower/supplier to many of the elite chefs in the Raleigh-Durham area. Oh on top of everything else she does, Amy is a laugh a minute as an example she is a self-proclaimed, “Tricky Bitch.” (Not our words)

Amy Fox gives us insight into how to grow your own mushrooms, some of the science behind different mushroom species and she distills down why some mushrooms taste better than others. Mrs. Fox doesn’t have time to forage much anymore as her mushroom growing, being a wife and being peer pressured by her kids to skate board take up most of her time however, she gives us plenty of sound advice into which mushrooms we should not be eating. Get in on the fun…guys!

Here's Amy's Grow/Kill Room: (all the way back to a whole year ago...)

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