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Episode 91 - The Return of ChickenWire

20 chefs collaborate for Soups for Syrah with Regan Stachler

Soup for Syria raises money for over 3.8 Million Syrian Refugees through culinary collaboration. Regan Stachler of Hull Foods resurrected the famed ChickenWire event in order to donate to the cause! Regan wrangled 18 top chefs in North Carolina to collaborate and create soups for Syria. We got the skinny from each chef about their inspiration for their soup, why they donate their time and creativity to this cause and what the heck they’re up to in general!

Eat this up with a spoon!

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Hosts: Matthew Weiss & Max Trujillo

Producer: Max Trujillo

Announcer/House Voice: Brian Hoyle

Music: Max Trujillo

Marketing Management: Food Seen

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