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Episode 92 - Can We End Food Insecurity? We speak with Hungry Harvest CEO, Evan Lutz.

What can you do to eliminate food waste and hunger? Evan Lutz created Hungry Harvest. Literally, billions of pounds of food goes wasted annually while 50 million people are hungry in America. By the way, North Carolina wastes 1.2 million tons per year. Thankfully Hungry Harvest has set up shop in North Carolina. Listen in to our conversation about how CEO Evan Lutz and his company is revolutionizing the use of produce in this country.

In this episode you will also get some tips on how to limit food waste in your own home. How and where to buy produce and what happens to all the food not purchased by grocery stores. For the most fun part of the conversation pay attention to when Evan gives us the skinny about being on shark tank!

Friends & Sponsors:​

Producer: Max Trujillo

Announcer/House Voice: Brian Hoyle

Music: Max Trujillo

Marketing Management: Food Seen

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