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Episode 96 - How you can be part of the “food solution” and Thrive NC. Presented by Blue Cross NC

Thrive NC

Ashley Christensen, Vivian Howard and Sam Jones were just a few of the many chefs to lend their time and efforts to Thrive NC. Thrive NC is a two day summit and food festival that “brings together more than 150 food system stakeholders from across North Carolina to discuss how we can impact our communities” most pressing issues through a focus on food as an economic development tool and childhood nutrition.”

Max and Matt bring you into the Thrive NC summit and festival by chatting with the likes of Bryant Terry, Kris Moon ( VP of the James Beard Foundation), and Sam Jones. Thrive NC is a prime example of how big business such as Blue Cross/ Blue Shield of North Carolina can use their resources to effect change for the greater good. Additionally the festival is a wonderful time filled with some of the best food and beverage in our state, plus live music and it all happens right in downtown Raleigh!

This episode will raise your awareness and peak your interest. Discover how we can help to eliminate food waste, lessen food insecurity and create sustainable food systems. North Carolina is actually leading the way in the south for many of our community food issues however there is so much more to be done. Listen to this episode to find tips on how you can be a part of the “food solution” and go to Thrive NC next year!

Friends & Sponsors:

Producer: Max Trujillo

Announcer/House Voice: Brian Hoyle

Music: Max Trujillo

Marketing Management: Food Seen

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