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Episode 97 - Fayetteville Beer Trail

“Be all you can be!” “Fort Bragg, North Carolina is a military installation of the United States Army and is the largest military installation in the world with more than 50,000 active duty personnel.” After serving in the army many of the veterans stay in the Fayetteville area after serving, they see Fayetteville as an up and coming area. Fayetteville has growing job and thriving housing markets. One of the major entities driving the Fayetteville economy are the veteran owned nano-breweries.

Max and Matt were invited by Melinda “sorry Ms.” Jackson to complete the Cumberland County North Carolina brewery passport. This episode pays respect and highlights veteran owned businesses. It should be noted though, these breweries are more than just paying respect, there are cutting edge brews coming out of Fayetteville. Listen to the stories and sip on beers like blood orange kolsch ( dirt bag ales ) or the The Irishman Brown Ale ( Bright Lights Brewing Company). Give this episode a listen and "De Opresso Liber,” regarding your beer palate!

Friends & Sponsors:

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Larry's Coffee and 42 & Lawrence

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Hosts: Matthew Weiss & Max Trujillo

Producer: Max Trujillo

Announcer/House Voice: Brian Hoyle

Music: Max Trujillo

Marketing Management: Food Seen

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