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Episodes 99 & 100 - The Pinehurst Resort Chef & Maker 2-part Series

This is a 2-part series this week.

Episode #1 features Pinehurst Executive Chef Thierry DeBailleul & Paul Verica of the newly opened restaurant in Charlotte, The Stanley. CLICK TO LISTEN:

Episode #2 features Esteban McMahan of TOPO Distillery & Nancy Bruns of JQ Dickinson Salt Works CLICK TO LISTEN:

#Golfanyone? Well, sort of. Max and Matthew ventured out to Pinehurst North Carolina to experience the Chef & Maker series. These two episodes paint a picture of an ideal Pinehurst weekend. The evenings and afternoons consist of serious culinary treats and seminars, Posh cocktails, beer and wine but before all that, in the morning you play golf. During this culinary extravaganza we were able to catch up with a few culinary superstars; first up Chef Thierry DeBailleul who explains the process of working with the chefs to create thought provoking delicious dishes. After Thierry we talked with The Godfather of Charlotte cuisine Chef Paul Verica. The interview with Mr. Verica took place days before the opening of his new restaurant the Stanley. Nonetheless, Chef Paul was as cool, calm and collected as only a “Don” could be.

On part two we learned about the existence of an ancient underground ocean in West Virginia that is providing some of the best sea salt in the country. Nancy Bruns of JQ Dickinson Salt Works revived her family’s business and is helping chefs across the south Season their food.

Finally, we got around to golf. We played golf with the #spiritguide of TOPO distillery, Mr. Esteban McMahan. Esteban is an intriguing character, we sat down after our round at The Cradle and discussed how he went from a career in the military, to finance and then co-owning a true North Carolina #graintoglass distillery.

Listen, learn, golf, eat and drink!

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Hosts: Matthew Weiss & Max Trujillo

Producer: Max Trujillo

Announcer/House Voice: Brian Hoyle

Music: Max Trujillo

Marketing Management: Food Seen

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