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Episode 105 - Never Work A Day In Your Life: a New York love story at The Simone with Tina Vaughn &a

Never Work A Day In Your Life

That’s what Tina Vaughn and Chef Chip Smith have accomplished by opening The Simone in the Upper East Side of NYC. Never before will you hear a story of such genuine dedication to hospitality. Tina left her career as a Rockette to work with Chip when she realized his talent and attention to detail, she knew she they would “Kick” it higher than ever imagined. The Simone is Chip and Tina’s third child, after having two prior restaurants in Kitty Hawk, NC and Bonne Soiree in Chapel Hill, NC they decided they were ready to take on the big city where their culinary training was honed.

Chip bakes the bread every morning, Tina shops at the farmers market daily, she also hand writes the menu every day and takes reservations over the phone and uses an old school reservation book. When you eat at the Simone there is no expense or detail spared, the cocktails are made to fit the person, even the coffee is a special blend selected by Tina to energize you but also limit the acidity in order to help digestion after a big meal. Chip is sincerely influenced by the season and the ingredients available and also the abilities of his kitchen. Tina executes front of the house service as if you were not just a guest in her home but an extremely important guest and her wine pairings are simply the best I’ve ever experienced! (Not to toot my own horn but I’m extremely skeptical of most pairing menus but this is divine!) By the way all of this is for 12 tables and 36 seats!

For anybody that has ever worked in the restaurant business, considered a career in the restaurant business, or simply admired the business, this episode is a must listen. Tina and Chip put their heart and soul into The Simone in order to provide you the guest with a fantastic evening. It's a true restaurant love story.

It may sound cheesy, but you will laugh, cry and be compelled to experience The Simone.

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