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Episode 106 - Tour de France with the Trujillo Family

It is as if Clark Griswold did a culinary tour of just France instead of a whole European Vacation. Thankfully no dogs were thrown off the Eiffel Tower and zero monuments were harmed in the recording of this podcast. Max and Felicia (plus les enfants) ate it all while traveling through France. Discover the wonder of a French Baguette, the beauty yet simplicity of French coffee, and also what to eat while shopping on the Champs Elysees. We delve into regional cuisine differences between Paris, Lyon and the Dordogne and very importantly understand what to imbibe while in France.

Find out why the Trujillo's went to France, how the French live and eat and what will life be like back in the good ole USA.

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Hosts: Matthew Weiss & Max Trujillo

Producer: Max Trujillo

Announcer/House Voice: Brian Hoyle

Music: Max Trujillo

Marketing Management: Food Seen

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